Waterproof Phone Case

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Safe Waterproof Storage for Your Phone or iPod!
Whether you’re going to the beach, taking a swim, or out in the rain, there never seems to be a good place to keep your phone or iPod. If you take it out at all it’s highly likely it’ll get wet and stop working. The incredible Waterproof Phone Case fixes all that by providing a safe waterproof storage for your MP3 player while still allowing you to listen to music!

Listen To Music Anywhere!
The Waterproof Phone Case has a build-in external headphone jack for headphones so you don’t have to worry about getting your phone or iPod wet. The clear front panel of the case allows full operation of controls and click wheels while the MP3 player is still inside the Waterproof Phone Case! This allows you to listen to music and control what you’re listening to even if you’re swimming, out in the rain or on a boat.

Floats on Water!
One of the coolest parts of the Waterproof Phone Case is its ability to float in the water. The case features a double zip lock seal that not only prevents water from reaching the electronics, but it also leaves air trapped inside to allow the device to float in case it falls into a large body of water. This amazing case even includes an armband so you can keep it on you when you swim!

 *Note: Headphones are not included

Package Contains:
•Waterproof Case

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